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Music C.D. Sales - Canadian OCDS

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God Alone Suffices
Songs Of Carmel

A collection of traditional and original songs in the spirit of Carmel, featuring the music of MaryLou Paculaba, OCDS and the OCDS Choir.

The Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites sincerely thanks members of the order from various communities in Ontario who have volunteered their time and energy into the production of this recording.

Song List

Hymns / Antiphons for Community Meetings

1. Come, Holy Spirit
2. God, Come to My Assistance / Lord Open My Lips
3. Flower of Carmel
4. Queen and Beauty of Mount Carmel
5. Magnificat
6. Glory to the Father
7. May the Lord Bless Us
8. Protect
9. Gloria
10. As I Kneel Before You
11. Salve Regina

Hymns Dedicated to Our Discalced Carmelite Saints

12. O Mary, Mother Full of Grace
13. O Blessed St. Joseph
14. God Alone Suffices (St Teresa of Jesus)
15. Llama De Amor Viva (Living Flame Of Love, St. John of the Cross - in Spanish)
16.Eternal Canticle (St. Therese of the Child Jesus)
17.Come Into My Heart (St Therese of the Child Jesus)
18. Our Only Hope (St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross)
19. May You Come to Know (St Teresa of Jesus of the Andes)
20. My God, Trinity Whom I Adore (Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity)

Hymns to Our Father

21.Jubilate Deo
22. Ubi Caritas
23.Laudate Omnis Gentes
24. O Lord, Hear My Prayer
25. The Lord's Prayer
26. Glory to God The Father

manufactured by VisionOfLove.ca in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2005

How To Place An Order:

All orders are arranged by mail. The cost of the C.D. is $20 per copy plus shipping and handling. Please allow 8-10 for delivery by mail. For information on how to place the order, please e-mail the OCDS office at